Sandia/EPRI 2014 PV Systems Symposium (May 5-7, 2014) May 5-6 at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, CA May 7 at EPRI Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA

Sandia National Laboratories and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) are delighted to host this symposium on technical issues related to PV systems and technologies. Core areas of focus will include PV performance modeling, distribution hosting capacity and screening methods, component reliability, as well as data-driven strategies for performing economically efficient system upkeep. Leveraging performance models and field data, this conference will examine how quality production and reliability data can be used to improve PV system performance, improve O&M, quantify reliability, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

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The 2014 PV Systems Symposium will include (see attachment for more details):

  • PV Performance Modeling Workshop (May 5, Santa Clara)
    • A technical overview of performance modeling methods and models will initially be provided. Subsequent dialog and interaction will then focus on three specific modeling topics: Modeling Plane-of-Array Irradiance, Module Performance Characterization Data Sources, and Inverter Performance Modeling.
  • PV Distribution System Modeling Workshop (May 6, Santa Clara)
    • Methods and best practices for facilitating the integration of PV into the power system—including those that assess the risk of system impact for high PV deployment levels, eliminate barriers, and reduce transactional costs—will be addressed. Topics will include: Existing and emerging codes, standards, rules, and procedures that affect solar deployment in utility distribution systems.
  • PV Operations and Maintenance Workshop (May 7, Palo Alto)
    • O&M drives long terms costs and project performance. Tools and techniques, combined with data analysis, that can lead to operational improvements, best practices, and precursor standards will be examined.

Who should attend? All stakeholders who care about performance: Utilities, PV system developers, plant owners, integrators, independent engineers, model developers, inverter and inverter component manufacturers, researchers, and O&M providers.

Why attend? Develop active collaborations. Help define future standards. Develop solutions to issues and costs in the PV industry. Obtain information about ongoing applied research at Sandia, EPRI, and other organizations. Expand your network. Broaden the knowledge base with a focus on PV systems optimization.

Registration fee: $100 per individual workshop or $300 for full symposium

Registration information and additional details will be available soon on the 2014 PV Systems Symposium webpage:

Registration may be limited based on venue capacity.

Note: Information and presentations from the 2013 PV Symposium can be found here.