The International Energy Agency’s Task 13 (Photovoltaic Power Systems) will present a workshop in conjunction with the 39th IEEE PV Specialists Conference in Tampa, FL on Sunday June 16 from 1 – 5 PM at the Tampa Convention Center.

The workshop is called “Lessons Learned from the Analytical Monitoring and Modeling of PV Systems

Summary:  Optimizing the performance of PV Plants is increasingly important as the PV industry becomes more competitive.  This workshop will present work being performed as part of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Photovoltaic Power Systems Task 13 on Performance and Reliability of PV Systems.  In particular, the workshop will focus on lessons learned from measuring performance from fielded PV systems and methods for analyzing and modeling system performance.  Presenters will describe analysis methods and tools for use with PV monitoring data to identify system problems and better understand technology differences in diverse environments.