2018 11th PV Performance Modeling Workshop

2018 11th PV Performance Modeling Workshop group photo

Weihai, China

Day 1: Tuesday December 4, 2018

Welcome and Introduction to the 11th PVPMC Workshop (841 downloads) Joshua Stein, Boris Farnung, and Shitao WangSandia National Laboratories, Fraunhofer ISE, and Harbin Institute of Technology
China Photovoltaic Industry Development Analysis (1085 downloads) Wang BohuaChina Photovoltaic Industry Association
State of the art of Agrophotovoltaics in Germany (1108 downloads) Boris FarnungFraunhofer ISE
Opportunities for New and Innovative Photovoltaic Modules and Systems (1085 downloads) Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

1. Solar Resource Data and Forecasting

Advances in Solar Measurement and Modeling at NREL (1216 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Model of In-Plane Solar Irradiance for Front and Rear Side of PV Arrays (1104 downloads) Wang SichengEnergy Research Institute, NDRC
Satellite Based and Ground Measured Solar Irradiance for PV Power Nowcasting: PV Live (882 downloads) Elke LorenzFraunhofer ISE
Smart Grid and Storage TechnologyShen CongBejing Enterprises Clean Energy Group Limited
High resolution global albedo data and implications on simulation of monofacial PV (1127 downloads) Marcel SuriSolarGIS
Study on the Influence of Environmental Factors on the Power Generation of Photovoltaic Engineering (930 downloads) Hui XingNorthwest Engineering Co. Ltd.
PV Top-Runner Project Promotes industry Development (876 downloads) Wang ShuoNew Energy Department of CREEI

2. PV Performance Modeling Methods and Case Studies

Modeling Method for Rear-face Spectral Irradiance at Standard Test Condition and Its Application to Power Rating of Bifacial PVModule (1102 downloads) Gao QiTÜV Rheinland (Shanghai)
Develop a System-level Model for Grid-connected PV stations based on Energy Flow (1079 downloads) Bai JianboHohai University
AI modeling methods for PV tracker technology (1122 downloads) Wang ShitaoArctech Solar
Differential Analysis of the Incident Angle Response of Utility-Grade PV Modules (1086 downloads) Bruce KingSandia National Laboratories
Generating Module Files in PlantPredict (1054 downloads) Stephen KaplanFirst Solar
A comparison of bifacial PV system energy yield modeling tools applied to 1P single-axis tracker system (1186 downloads) Yuanjie YuCanadian Solar
Ray tracing methodology for Bifacial System modeling: Exemplar and Validation (872 downloads) Jefferson BorFraunhofer ISE
A model to evaluate the self-shading effect by bifacial system (1124 downloads) Zhu QiangzhongLONGI
Artificial Neural Network based Research in Bifacial PV System Design Concept (1070 downloads) Han LishengJoylwood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd.
Modeling of Unconventional PVs and their Standardization - Curved Surface, Vehicle-Integration, Mult-Junction Cells, and Static Concentrators (1043 downloads) Kenji ArakiToyota Technological Institute
Perovskite Solar Cells: An Emerging PV Technology Towards Mass ProductionMai YaohuaJinan University

Day 2: Wednesday December 5, 2018

3. PV Monitoring and O&M

Research on the Improvement of Power Generation of Photovoltaic Power Plant by PV Panel Cleaning Robot (881 downloads) Wang JunANX Automation Technology Co.
Condition monitoring platform for proactive and reactive operation and maintenance (O&M with enhanced data analytic functionalities (1094 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
Hierarchical Fault Detection and Multimodal Diagnosis in Large-Scale Photovoltaic Systems (1086 downloads) Zhao YingyingConcord New Energy Group Limited
System Design and Analysis for Solar and Hybrid System (931 downloads) Chen JianSMA China
Quasi-Omnidirectional Silicon Solar CellsShen WenzhongShanghai Jiao Tang University
Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation for grid integrated PV systems (1093 downloads) Zhang YuanzeSungrow
Finite Element Models to Predict Module-Level Degradation Mechanisms and Reliability (1095 downloads) James HartleySandia National Laboratories
Theoretical calculation and numerical simulation of power loss in crystalline silicon PV modules based on fielded degradation (910 downloads) Dong XianSun Yat-sen University