2019 PVPMC – Albuquerque – Grid Track

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day 1: Wednesday May 15, 2019

1. Solar Supporting Resilience

A Sunny Resilient Energy Future (1324 downloads) Robert BroderickSandia National Laboratories
Understanding the Impact of PV and Other DER in the US Virgin Islands, Including Resilience Benefits (1267 downloads) Matthew LaveSandia National Laboratories
Optimization-Based Valuation Methodology of Distributed Energy Resource Portfolios (1335 downloads) Marcelo SandovalProsumer Grid
NREL Publicly Available Tools for Resiliency and Hybrid Systems (1358 downloads) Nate BlairNational Renewable Energy Laboratory

2. Advanced Protection for DER

Advanced Protection for Inverter-Based Systems (1306 downloads) Matthew RenoSandia National Laboratories
Reliable power system protection in an upside-down world (1237 downloads) Michael RoppNorthern Plains Power
Evaluating Near-term Protection Solutions for PV Applications (1233 downloads) Josh HambrickOakridge National Laboratory
Impact Analysis of High PV Penetration on Protection of Distribution Systems Using Real-Time Simulation and Testing – A Utility Case Study (1263 downloads) Amin SalmaniSDG&E

Day 2: Thursday May 16, 2019

3. Distributed Solar + Storage Valuation

Simulation of Grid - connected PV Systems with Battery Storage (1276 downloads) Bruno WittmerPVsyst
Valuation of Energy Storage Co-located with Solar PV Generation (1269 downloads) Andres CortesEPRI
PV + Storage, Resiliency, Capacity, and Ancillary Services in SAM (1272 downloads) Janine FreemanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Maximizing Value of Solar and Energy Storage Installations in NY (1315 downloads) Alex HeadleySandia National Laboratories
Scale of Energy Storage – Applications and Value of Hybrid Energy Storage on Grid Operations (1279 downloads) Adarsh NagarajanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory

4. Cyber-Security

Cybersecurity for DER Devices (1346 downloads) Jay JohnsonSandia National Laboratories
Securing Inverter Communication: Proactive Intrusion Detection and Mitigation System Sensor to Tap, Analyze, and Act (1238 downloads) Shamina Hossain-McKenzieSandia National Laboratories
SunSpec Alliance Public Key Infrastructure (1219 downloads) Tom TansySunSpec Alliance
Monitoring DER Integrity using Machine Learning Algorithms on a Single Board Computer (1295 downloads) Birk JonesSandia National Laboratories

5. Grid Forming Inverters

Grid-forming Power Electronics for Low-inertia Power Systems (1303 downloads) Sairaj DhopleUniv. of Minnesota
Grid Forming Inverters in Microgrid Systems (1307 downloads) Jack FlickerSandia National Laboratories
“Tipping Point” Analysis for Coupled Inverter-Machine Systems (1253 downloads) Yashen LinNational Renewable Energy Laboratory

6. Microgrids

The Microgrid Design Toolkit (1276 downloads) John EddySandia National Laboratories
Applying the Resilient Node Cluster Analysis Tool (ReNCAT) to site Microgrids in Puerto Rico for Community Resilience (1479 downloads) Amanda WachtelSandia National Laboratories
Energy Resilience for Puerto Rico (1342 downloads) Robert BroderickSandia National Laboratories