2014 Bifacial PV Workshop, Chambery

Monday May 26, 2014

1. Opening

Welcome to 2nd edition of bifiPV workshop at Chambery / INESFlorence LambertCEA-LITEN
Bifaical world – monofacial modules: why do we compromise the system power?Radovan KopecekISC Konstanz

2. Market Potential

Market potential for new technologies and the need for standardizationTon SchlessSIBCO
$1/W system price: how bifacial modules will beat the needed efficiency and cost targetsFatima ToorLux Research
Financing PV systemsFelix HolzDeutsche Bank
Market opportunities and requirements for the deployment of bifacial PVPatrick DupeyratEDF
HJT Cost structure and market potentialDirk HabermannMeyer Burger

3. Cell

Bifacial cells – Existing technologies and requirementsYannick VeschettiCEA-INES
Multi-PERCT: From monofacial pilot production to 18% bifacialAndreas TeppeRTC
High efficiency industrial p-type bifacial cell and field resultsNaftali Eisenbergbsolar
Performance of bifacial module with nPert cellsPo-Tsung HsiehMOTECH
ZEBRA: bifaical IBC technologyValentine MihailetchiISC

4. Module

Challenges for solar modules makers to process bifacial solar modulesGregor ReddemannSi-Module
NICE-bifacial module technologyFrederic MadonApollon Solar
Power measurement of bifacial modules – relevant for energy yield and applicationNicoletta FerrettiPI Berlin
Cell interconnection challenges for bifacial modulesMaryline JoannyCEA-INES
Bifacial BIPV: challenges for glass and encapsulationBernd KollKurakay

Tuesday May 27, 2014

5. Systems

Advantages of bifacial systemsFrnaco TraversoSilFab
Experience from bifacial PV installations of Mega Solar using EarthON technologySingji GodaPVGS
Modelling and simulation of annual energy yields in the case of bifacial PV modules at different climate zonesUfuk YusufogluIHT Aachen
Vertical potential of bifacial modulesEric GerritsenCEA-INES
Field measurements under different conditions, and relate these data to STC measurementsBas van AkenECN
New opportunities of grid integration by the use of bifacial modulesHarmut NussbaumerWintherthur University

6. Standardization

Need for standardization of bifacial measurementsAxel MetzH.A.L.M.
IEC qualification testing of bifacial PV modules – Test conditions and test requirementsWerner HermannTÜV Rheinland
Challenges and solutions for the characterization of bifacial PV modules and cellsVahid FakhfouriPASAN
Characterization of bifacial solar cells and modules for bifacial illumination using standard indoor measurementsJai Prakash SinghNational University of Singapore