2022 PVPMC – Salt Lake City

15th PV Performance Modeling Workshop
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

2022 15th PV Performance Modeling Workshop

Day 1: Tuesday August 23, 2022

Keynote Talk: 2021 PVPMC Modeling Comparison (Pending peer-reviewed publication)Marios TheristisSandia National Laboratories

1. Solar Resource Data and Modeling

The Importance of Data Quality for Reducing the Uncertainty of Site-Adapted Solar Resource Datasets (4168 downloads) Patrick KeelinClean Power Research
The National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB): Recent Updates, New Developments and Status in 2022 (4098 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNREL
Solar ground measurements processing by automatic and manual tools (4078 downloads) Jozef DudzakSolargis
Worldwide Benchmark of Modeled Solar Surface Irradiance (4240 downloads) Adam JensenTechnical University of Denmark

2. Submodel Development

The “Fresnel Equations” for Diffuse radiation on Inclined photovoltaic Surfaces (FEDIS) (4508 downloads) Yu XieNREL
Improved Heat Transfer Correlation for Large Scale Solar PV Convection Modeling (5397 downloads) Raul Bayoan CalPortland State University
The Influence of System-Level Design Elements on Convective Cooling in PV Solar Farms (4301 downloads)
(Pending peer-reviewed publication)
Brooke StanislawskiNREL
Modeling Electrical Shading Effects in PVsyst (5342 downloads) Michele OliosiPVsystRecording link

3. Posters

A Photovoltaic Power Prediction Approach Enhanced by Feature Engineering and Stacked Machine Learning Model (3897 downloads) Ibtihal Ait AbdelmoulaSIRC/LAGeS-EHTP, Hassania School of Public Works
Improving Analysis Methods for IEC 61853 Matrix Measurements (5364 downloads) Steve RansomeSRCL
Angular Response Correction Factors for Comparing PV Reference Cells and Thermopile Pyranometers (5237 downloads) Michael GosteinAtonometrics
Load-matching renewable plus storage system modeling in NREL SAM (2021.12.2r2) (5218 downloads) Will HobbsSouthern Company
Distribution Function Instead of Steady-State Assumption in Time-Series Simulation (5228 downloads) Andy WalkerNREL
Hourly Modeling Corrections for PV Energy Assessments (5326 downloads) Madison GhizDNV
Overview of the Best Practices and Standards Development for the Collection and Use of Solar Resource Data for Solar Energy Applications (3995 downloads) Aron HabteNREL
The WRF-Solar Ensemble Prediction System: Development, Test, and Validation (3988 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNREL
Technoeconomic Analysis of changing PV System Layout and Convection Heat Transfer (3931 downloads) Matthew PrillimanNREL
The Triple-C Method for Correctly Simulating PV Clipping Loss (4189 downloads) Tim TownsendP.E. Davis, CA
How to Check if your PV System is Measuring Up to Expectations (5180 downloads) Kenneth SauerVDE
Using Machine Learning for Predictive Modeling of Weather Impacts on Utility-scale Photovoltaic Systems​ (3956 downloads) Hector MendozaSandia National Laboratories
Classification Method to Predict the Effect of Short-Term Inverter Saturation on PV Performance Modeling (5261 downloads) Jonathan AllenAllen Analytics LLC
Recent Improvements in PV+Battery Modeling in NREL’s System Advisor Model (3962 downloads) Brian MirletzNREL
A General Bifacial Photovoltaic Device Method to Predict System Performance with Albedo (5193 downloads) Erin TonitaUniversity of Ottawa
Conductive Cooling of Solar Photovoltaic Modules in Unperturbed Atmospheric Conditions (5103 downloads) Jace DavisUniversity of Utah
Evaluating PV Field Grounding Performance with Simulations for Lightning Transient Energy (5869 downloads) Steven WeberDEHN
Existing Field Performance Models Cannot Describe Perovskite Modules (5222 downloads) Michael DeceglieNREL
Fault Detection and Location on Photovoltaic Systems Using Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) (5109 downloads) Cynthia FurseUniversity of Utah
Advanced Solar PV Energy Pre-Construction Losses: Losses due to uneven terrain, tracker wind stowing, and sub-hourly clipping error (5224 downloads) Halley DarlingUL
Estimating Subhourly Clipping from Hourly Data: A Simplified Approach (5191 downloads) Allison MuellerAvangrid Renewables

4. Modeling Tools and Software Updates (Part 1)

PV Performance Modeling with PVfit: Workflows that balance cost, complexity, and accuracy (1185 downloads) Mark CampanelliIntelligent Measurement Systems LLCRecording link
pvlib python 2022 Update (4058 downloads) Kevin AndersonNRELRecording link
Solecito: A Software Library for the Detailed Simulation of Photovoltaic Arrays (4087 downloads) Martin Herrerias AzcueUniversity of StuttgartRecording link

5. Modeling Tools and Software Updates (Part 2)

Automating the Solar Resource and Production Assessment (5198 downloads) Annalise MillerAvangrid RenewablesRecording link
Updates and Improvements in the Latest PVsyst Versions (4095 downloads) Bruno WittmerPVsystRecording link
Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM) (3987 downloads) Janine KeithNRELRecording link
DALY Next Generation Solar + Storage Modeling Software (5274 downloads) Josh WirthDaly EnergyRecording link
Band playing at workshop

Day 2: Wednesday August 24, 2022

6. PV Tracking and Snow

Approaches to Sky Image Based Single Axis Tracker Algorithms (5287 downloads) Ben PierceSandia National LaboratoriesRecording link
Performance Modeling and Analysis of Terrain-Following Single-Axis Tracking PV Systems (4106 downloads) Amir Asgharzadeh ShishavanNextrackerRecording link
Bifacial Benefits in Snowy Conditions: Single Axis Tracking Field Observations in Modeling (5268 downloads) Sara MacAlpinejuwiRecording link
Validation of Industry Snow Losses (4037 downloads) Halley DarlingULRecording link
Evaluating Energy Gains on Intelligent Tracker Control Algorithms with Alternating A-B Tests (5404 downloads) John MoseleyArray TechnologiesRecording link

7. PV Data Analysis and Analytics

Orange Button: Accelerating PV Capabilities by Facilitating Data Exchange (5232 downloads) Cliff HansenSandia National LaboratoriesRecording link
PVAnalytics: A Python Package for Automated Processing of Solar Time Series Data (4037 downloads) Kirsten PerryNRELRecording link
Advanced system monitoring and artificial intelligent data-driven analytics to serve GW-scale photovoltaic power plant and energy storage requirements (5382 downloads) Juergen SutterluetiGantner InstrumentsRecording link
Large-Scale PV Plant Performance Benchmarking (5282 downloads) Wayne LiEPRIRecording link
Soiling Measurement Data Processing to Support Production Loss Prediction (4172 downloads) Julie ChardGroundWork RenewablesRecording link

8. Bifacial PV

Irradiance Uniformity Mapping Module (5270 downloads) Daniel ZirzowCFV LabsRecording link
Validation of In-Situ I-V Measurement Device for PV System Monitoring Applications (4131 downloads) Audrey MarquisAtonometricsRecording link
Improved Tracking Schemes for Half-Cut Photovoltaic Modules (5284 downloads) Aron DobosNextrackerRecording link
Comparison of ray tracing rendering technique with ground measurements for improved solar radiation modeling (5373 downloads) Tomas CebacauerSolargisRecording link
Presenter at workshop