2023 PVPMC – Mendrisio, Switzerland

2023 European PVPMC Workshop

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Day 1: Wednesday November 8, 2023

2023 European PVPMC Program (5166 downloads)
Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

1. PV Yield Assessment and Uncertainty

The Importance of Terrain-Shading Losses in PV Yield Assessment (2497 downloads) Kyle SeymourClean Power Research
Uncertainty in Annual Yield: Conceptual Approaches and Implementation in SAM (1797 downloads) Clifford HansenSandia National Laboratories
Analysis and Reduction of Uncertainties in Yield Assessments of Large-Scale Bifacial PV Projects (2282 downloads) Anne Sophie FreunekBayWa.r.e
Uncertainties of module tilt and orientation, distance between rows and albedo on photovoltaic performance modeling (2429 downloads) Kathrine AlvinoMines Paris

2. Performance Analysis

Introducing the Baseline Performance Reference (2363 downloads) Anton DriessePV Performance Labs
In-Situ Module IV Measurement for PV System Performance Monitoring & Control (1925 downloads) Bill StueveAtonometrics
Collecting datasets of PV power stations for performance analysis (2035 downloads) Claudia BuerhopForschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based decisionmaking and modular approach to support photovoltaic (PV) plant diagnosis using image processing with electrical data analysis and advanced reporting and geovisualization (2095 downloads) Georgios TziolisUniversity of Cyprus
Data-driven predictive analytics & system monitoring workflows for streamlined utility-scale photovoltaic power plant failure diagnosis (1992 downloads) Juergen SutterluetiGartner Instruments

3. PV Tracking

Enhancing Accuracy in Bifacial Photovoltaic Performance Modeling under Dual Axis Tracking Constraints (2305 downloads) Vivek BalaniEnertis Applus+
Diffuse Optimization: Strategy To Enhance Photovoltaic Yield In Tracked Systems (2361 downloads) Maddalena BrunoFraunhofer ISE
Analyzing the optimal orientation of single-and dual-axis tracking PV systems (2019 downloads) Youri BlomTU Delft
Evaluation of horizontal single-axis solar tracker algorithms in terms of energy production and operational performance (2053 downloads) Gregorio OlivaresCENER
Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

4. PV Applications

Offshore Floating PV DC and AC Yield Analysis Considering Wave Effects (2061 downloads) Alba Alcañiz MoyaTU Delft
Modelling and Validating Heat Transfer Effects in Floating PV Installations (1917 downloads) Monica NicolaFraunhofer ISE
A new thermal model for ground and offshore PV installations (2276 downloads) Lukas DvoncSolargis
Case study of power mismatch of a bifacial PV canopy using ray-tracing model with improved sampling method (2031 downloads) Wang ShuoTurku University of Applied Sciences

5. Tools and Applications

Brian MirletzNREL
Advanced multimodal fusion method for very shortterm solar irradiance forecasting using sky images and meteorological data: from single weather array to multi array (2303 downloads) Liwenbo ZhangUniversity of Nottingham
All-in-one tool for module design and analysis (1997 downloads) Fahradin MujoviCSEM
BIM to emulate BIPV Digital Twin (1964 downloads) Philippe AlamyEnerBIM
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Day 2: Thursday November 9, 2023

6. PV Digitalization

Towards a Digital Twin: strategy and research for the PV industry (2012 downloads) Lluvia OchoaTotalEnergies
Standardized Information Models as a base for Digital Twins (2279 downloads) Christian SchillFraunhofer ISE
Loss Decomposition in Utility Scale Plants with 3E Solar Analytics (2076 downloads) Maitheli Nikham3E

7. PV Modeling Topics

Recent improvements in accuracy and interactivity of satellite-derived irradiance data, and associated validations (2034 downloads) Michael FoleySolcast
Simulation of POA front irradiance sensor mounting position (2287 downloads) Marc KorevaarOTT Hydromet
Impact of albedo variations and sensor positions on rear irradiance for bifacial power plants (1985 downloads) Marie Syre WiigIFE
Dynamic thermal models with the Filter-EWM-MBE (FEM) correction approach (2302 downloads) Bert HerteleerKU Leuven
EY of Colored Perovskite BIPVs and Partial Shading Analysis (2016 downloads) Daniele BragaFluxim

8. PVPMC Activities

Feedback on the PVPMC blind modeling exercise of 2021 (2268 downloads) Bruno WittmerPVsyst
2023 PVPMC blind modeling comparison (2057 downloads) Marios TheristisSandia National Laboratories
Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories
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pvlib-python tutorial participants working on challenge problems

pvlib-python Tutorial

pvlib 2023 update: pvlib-python, pvanalytics, twoaxistracking (1791 downloads)