2015 PVPMC – Cologne, Germany

Thursday, October 22, 2015

OpeningFlorian ReilTÜV Rheinland, Solar Energy
Welcome and IntroductionJoshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

Solar Resource Data and Uncertainty

Chaired by Clifford Hansen, Sandia National Laboratories

Satellite- and Camera-derived Irradiance Data for Applications in Low Voltage Grids with Large PV SharesMarion Schroedter-HomscheidtGerman Aerospace Center (DLR)
Evaluation of Satellite Irradiation Data at 200 Sites in Western EuropeKarel De Brabandere3E
Uncertainty of Satellite Based and Ground Based Solar Resource AssessmentMarcel SuriGeoModel Solar s.r.o.
Accuracy of Meteonorm 7.1Jan RemundMeteotest
Next-Generation Satellite Modelling for NREL’s National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB)Manajit SenguptaNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Local and Regional PV Power Forecasting Based on PV Measurements, Satellite Data and Numerical Weather PredictionsElke LorenzCarl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
Dynamic Uncertainty of Irradiance Measurements – Illustrations from a Study of 42 RadiometersAnton DriessePV Performance Labs
Towards an Energy-based Parameter for Photovoltaic ClassificationStefan WinterPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Timeseries of Spectrally Resolved Solar Irradiance Data from Satellite MeasurementsAnnette HammerCarl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

Spectral Corrections for PV Performance Modeling

Chaired by Alex Panchula, First Solar

Satellite-based Estimates of the Influence of Solar Spectrum Variations on PV PerformanceThomas HuldJoint Research Centre of the European Commission
Combined Air Mass and Precipitable Water Spectral Correction for PV ModellingMitchell LeeFirst Solar
Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Evaluation of Simulated Clear-Sky Solar Spectra Using Montecarlo ApproachGiorgio BelluardoEURAC research
Spectral Corrections for PV Performance ModellingFotis MavromatakisTechnological Education Institute of Crete
Improved Prediction of Site Spectral ImpactBenjamin DuckCSIRO Energy Flagship
Impact of Spectral Irradiance on Energy Yield of PV Modules Measured in Different ClimatesMarkus SchweigerTÜV Rheinland, Solar Energy

Soiling and Snow, and Other System Derates

Chaired by Ulrike Jahn, TÜV Rheinland

Impact of Soiling on PV Module Performance for Various ClimatesWerner HerrmannTÜV Rheinland, Solar Energy
Overview of Sandia’s Soiling Program: Description of Experimental Methods and Framework for a Quantitative Soiling ModelBruce H. KingSandia National Laboratories
Validation of Models for Energy Losses due to Snowfall on PV SystemsJanine FreemanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory

Friday, October 23, 2015

Bifacial PV Modeling Challenges

Chaired by Theresa Zhang, SunEdison

Introduction to Bifacial Modeling ChallengesTeresa ZhangSunEdison
Simulation and Validation of Modelling of Bifacial Photovoltaic ModulesGianluca CorbelliniSUPSI
Realistic Yield Expectations for Bifacial PV Systems – am Assessment of Announced, Predicted and Observed BenefitsChristian ReiseFraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE
Modelling of the Expected Yearly Power Yield on Building Facades in Urban Regions by Means of Ray TracingHendrik HolstInstitut für Solarenergieforschung GmbH
Multi-Year Study of Bifacial Energy Gains Under Various Field ConditionsJose E. Castillo-AguilellaPrism Solar Technologies, Inc.

PV Modeling Applications: Modeling Tool Updates

Chaired by Jeffrey Newmiller, DNV GL

Latest Features of PvsystBruno WittmerPvsyst
pvSpot – PV Simulation Tool for Operational PV ProjectsTomas CebecauerGeoModel Solar s.r.o.
Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM)Aron P. DobosNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
HelioscopePaul GibbsFolsom Labs
Performance Modelling of PV Systems in a Virtual EnvironmentAngèle ReindersUniversity of Twente

Field Monitoring and Validation of PV Performance

Chaired by Werner Knaupp, PV-plan

High-Speed Monitoring of Multiple Grid-Tied PV Array ConfigurationsMatthew BoydNIST
Field Data from Different Climates for the Validation of Module Performance ModelsGabi FriesenSUPSI
Comparison and Validation of PV System and Irradiance ModelsBenjamin MatthissZSW
The “best” PV Model Depends on the Reason for ModellingSteve RansomeSRCL UK
Using Advanced PV and BoS Modelling and Algorithms to Optimize the Performance of Large Scale Utility ApplicationsJürgen SutterluetiGantner Instruments (GI)
System Performance and Degradation Analysis of Different PV TechnologiesYuzuru UedaTokyo University of Science
Participants at the 4th PV Performance and Monitoring Workshop in Cologne, Germany.
Participants at the 4th PV Performance and Monitoring Workshop in Cologne, Germany.