2013 PVPMC – Santa Clara

Wednesday, May 1

Welcome & Introduction: Why Are We Here? 1:00 pm

An overview of the workshop will be presented, along with intended outcomes, goals and next steps.

Welcome and Purpose (773 downloads) Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories
Summary of Previous Workshop (743 downloads) Chris CameronIndependent Consultant

Module Models (1): Generating Performance Coefficients 1:30 pm

The selection of a module performance algorithm and associated module performance coefficients is a critical step in modeling system performance. These presentations will emphasize the process for deriving performance coefficients from test data.

User Experience with Module Performance Coefficients (754 downloads) Bradley HibberdBorrego Solar
Generating Module Coefficients for Sandia Array Performance Model (647 downloads) Cliff HansenSandia National Laboratories
Generating Module Coefficients for SAM/CEC n-parameter modelAron DobosNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Audio-Black & Veatch PAN File CREATION Service (367 downloads)
Black & Veatch PAN File CREATION Service (13 downloads) Monali Joshi and Evan RileyBlack & Veatch
Systematic Approaches to Ensure Correct Representation of Measured Multi-Irradiance Module Performance in PV System Energy Production Forecasting Software Programs (17 downloads) Ken SauerYingli Green Energy Americas

Module Models (2) 3:00 pm

Changes in Module Performance Coefficient Generation for PVsyst Version 6 (829 downloads) André MermoudPVsyst
Generating Module Coefficients: Blind Study Results (740 downloads) Cliff HansenSandia National Laboratories
Performance Matrices per IEC 61853 Standards: Their Importance for the Energy Estimation Models (742 downloads) Mani G. TamizhManiASU PRL and TUV Rheinland PTL
The Sensitivity and Limitations of Present and Alternative PV Models (649 downloads) Steve RansomeSRCL

PV System Performance Models 7:00 pm

Developers of system models will present overviews or demonstrations of their models.

PVsyst (Note: This was a live demonstration of the software, no file)André MermoudPVsyst
HelioScope (747 downloads) Paul GranaFolsom Labs
PVSim (737 downloads) Ben BourneSunPower Corporation
System Advisor Model  (SAM) (750 downloads) Aron Dobos and Nate BlairNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
PV*SOL Expert (743 downloads) Bernhard GatzkaValentin Software

Thursday, May 2

Solar Resource Data 8:00 am

The expected solar resource at a site is critical to establishing project viability. This session will present methods to reduce project risk by addressing bias and uncertainty in solar resource data.

A Review of Measured/Modeled Solar Resource Uncertainty (751 downloads) Thomas StoffelNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Reducing Solar Resource Error Through On-Site Monitoring (736 downloads) Marie SchnitzerAWS Truepower
Quantifying Uncertainty in Solar Energy Estimates (734 downloads) Kevin LangSAIC
Flexible Methods for Deriving POA Irradiance (751 downloads) Ben BourneSunPower Corporation
Diffuse Irradiance and Backtracking in Tracker Systems (761 downloads) Bodo LittmanFirst Solar

System Losses and Derates 10:15 am

Estimates of system losses vary greatly among models and modelers. This session will seek to improve our understanding of system losses and the means of modeling them.

Draft Definitions of System Loss Factors (749 downloads)  (Note: Both of Geoff’s presentations are merged into a single file)Geoff KliseSandia National Laboratories
Audio - Quantifying Mismatch Losses in Small Arrays (352 downloads) Quantifying Mismatch Losses in Small ArraysSara MacAlpineUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Shading mismatch loss calculation in PVsyst 6 (1652 downloads) André MermoudPVsyst
Mismatch Losses in HelioScope (1791 downloads) Paul GibbsFolsom Labs
Audio - Calculating Model Shading Inputs from Design Data_Tarn Yates (2960 downloads) Calculating Model Shading Inputs from Design Data (1805 downloads) Tarn YatesBorrego Solar

System Losses and Derates (continued) 12:45 pm

Panel Discussion: System Losses and Derates

System Losses and Derates in PVSim: Balance of System Loss Modeling (1617 downloads) Jeff RocheSunPower Corporation
Working with Component Based Loss Factors (1597 downloads) Paul GibbsFolsom Labs
Effects of Snowfall on PV Systems (1813 downloads) Rob AndrewsQueens University and Calama Consulting
System Loss Considerations (1644 downloads) Alex PanchulaFirst Solar

Performance Degradation

Modeling of PV Module Power Degradation to Evaluate Performance Warranty Risks (1751 downloads) Thomas RoesslerYingli Green Energy Europe
Audio - Fleet-Wide Study of System Degradation_Mike Anderson (2723 downloads) Review of SunPower Fleet-Wide System Degradation Study using Year-over-Year Performance Index Analysis (2492 downloads) Mike AndersonSunPower Corporation
Standardizing Definitions: Survey Results and Inputs to the Working Group (Available as part of previous presentation file from Geoff Klise in System Derates)Geoff KliseSandia National Laboratories

Modeling for the Real World 3:00 pm

Modeling Needs for Performance Guarantees (1808 downloads) Alex PanchulaFirst Solar
Model Validation Methodology and Results (2049 downloads) Jeff RocheSunPower Corporation
Understanding PV performance based on real world data (2154 downloads) Jürgen SutterluetiTEL Solar
Climatically Diverse Data Set for Flat-Plate PV Module Model Validations (1749 downloads) Bill MarionNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Standards for acceptance testing and model validation (1646 downloads) Evan RileyBlack & Veatch

Discussion and Wrap-Up 4:30 pm

Closing Remarks (2013 PVPMC Workshop) (1754 downloads)
Cliff Hansen and Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

Audio files are provided with the permission of the speaker.  We would like to thank Pramod Krishnani (Belectric) for making the recordings and preparing the files for distribution.