IEA PVPS Task 13: Module validation dataset

Data from Annex 1 of the IEA PVPS Task 13 report entitled: Climatic Rating of Photovoltaic Modules: Different Technologies for Various Operating Conditions (6521 downloads)

The data set consists of two parts:

1. Module performance data

  • Pmax, Isc, and Voc matrix
  • Temperature coefficient α, β and δ
  • Spectral response curve
  • Angular loss curve
  • Thermal coefficients U0 and U1
IEA PVPS Module Characterization Data (5991 downloads)

2. One Year Outdoor Data (5 minute intervals)

  • Pmax, Isc and Voc extracted from I-V curves
  • Back of module temperature Tmod
  • In plane irradiance Gpoa
  • Horizontal global irradiance Gglob_hor
  • Horizontal diffuse irradiance Gdiff_hor
  • Ambient temperature Tamb
  • Wind speed ws

Monthly CSV files:

For any questions please contact Gabi Friesen ( at SUPSI PVLab.