2019 PVPMC – Albuquerque

Group photo of the 2019 PVPMC attendees

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day 1: Tuesday May 14, 2019

Keynote Address: Sarah Cottrell Propst, Cabinet Secretary of New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Resources

1. Solar Resource Data and Modeling

Latest Developments in Solar Irradiance Measurement (5501 downloads) Kees Van Der BosHukseflux
Online apps for solar prospecting: New challenges and industry needs (5677 downloads) Artur SkoczekSolargis
Comparison of remote- and ground- based albedo measurement for solar resource assessment (5082 downloads) Patrick KeelinClean Power Research
Evaluations Mars Optical Soiling Sensor (5169 downloads) Michael GosteinAtonometrics

2. PV Module Characterization

Deriving Thermal Response Coefficients for PVSyst (5107 downloads) Ben BourneSunPower
Incident Angle Modifier (IAM) Round Robin Updates (5444 downloads) Nick RiedelTechnical University of Denmark
Making the Most of Module Matrix Measurements (5076 downloads) Anton DriessePV Performance Labs
Experimental Methods to Replicate Power Loss of PV Modules in the Field for the Purpose of Fault Detection Algorithm Development (5044 downloads) Joseph WaltersUniversity of Central Florida

3. PV Performance Model Updates

Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM) (3854 downloads) Janine FreemanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Strategies for Electrical Shading Modeling with PlantPredict (3776 downloads) Alex StarkFirst Solar
Finite Element Thermal Analysis Supporting a Transient Moving-Average Module Temperature Prediction Model (4887 downloads) Matthew PrillimanArizona State University / Sandia
MLPE Performance Modeling - Module Level Power Electronics (5086 downloads) Chetan ChaudhariSunPower

4. PV Performance Standards and Studies

Spatial, Temporal, and Technological Variation in the Value of Solar Power across the U.S. (3912 downloads) Patrick BrownMIT
Early Life PV System Degradation Evaluation and Modeling Based on Cumulative Exposure to Environmental Stressors (5106 downloads) Birk JonesSandia National Laboratories
Best-Practices in PV Plant Performance Degradation Benchmarking (5038 downloads) Daniel FregosiEPRI
Impact of PV Module Degradation Rate on Utility Scale Systems (5301 downloads) Sara MacAlpinejuwi
Fleet-scale PV Performance Analytics (5440 downloads) Michael DeceglieNational Renewable Energy Laboratory

Day 2: Wednesday May 15, 2019

5. Bifacial PV Performance Modeling

Best Practices for Bifacial Energy Modeling (5170 downloads) Peter JohnsonUL
Optimization of Back Reflectors for Bifacial Photovoltaic Modules (5523 downloads) Pedro MartinArizona State University
SolarFarmer Bifacial Modeling (3952 downloads) Mark MikofskiDNV-GL
The subtle art of bifacial performance modeling (5613 downloads) Silvana Ayala PelaezNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
The effect of non-uniform illumination on bifacial tracking modules: a simulation study (4376 downloads) Keith McintoshPV Lighthouse
Solar PV Performance and New Technologies in Northern Latitude Regions (3849 downloads) Joshua S. SteinSandia National Laboratories

6. PV System Monitoring

PV Module Monitoring Equipment with Optimized Sampling, Filtering, and Time-Response Characteristics (3828 downloads) James RichardsCFV Solar Laboratory
Advanced PV performance analysis on modules and power plants using cloud-based processing (5573 downloads) Juergen SutterluetiGantner Instruments
Performance evaluation of PV power predictive models for real-time monitoring (3661 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
How Monitoring Services of Distributed Solar PV Production Benefits from Machine Learning (5086 downloads) Daniel LassahnMeteocontrol

7. Open Source Software Updates

captest - Open Source package for Reproducible Performance Testing (5457 downloads) Ben Taylor & Jessica ForbessExyte Energy & Sunshine Analytics
PVFree! - NREL-SAM Component Database, PVLIB API, and Interactive PV Modeling Tutorial (3602 downloads) Mark Mikofski
Open Software for Solar Power: Update (4919 downloads) Daniel Riley and Cliff HansenSandia National Laboratories

Poster Presentations

Look Mom, No MET Station! (5446 downloads) Mark CampanelliIntelligent Measurement Systems
Improved PV System Modeling with ML-Based Power Model: Case Study of a Commercial Building (4971 downloads) Agata SwiercClean Power Research
Towards Predicting Site Annualized Probabilistic Performance Ratios Using the KWh Analytics Database (3702 downloads) Victor GarciaKWh Analytics
Impact of Satellite-Based Solar Resource Models (SRM) on Utility Scale PV System Design and Project Economics (4950 downloads) Brandon LiangEDP Renewables
Standards and Best Practices for Solar Measurements (3538 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Development and Comparative Performance of Clear-Sky and All-Sky Soiling Data Filters (4883 downloads) Justin Robinson  & Julie ChardGroundWork Renewables
Solar Guardian Photovoltaic Connector (3644 downloads) Kenny BlemelMSI
Development of Automated Methods to Determine the Quality of Long-term PV Data Sets (4961 downloads) Matthew MullerNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Predicting the Effect of Short-Term Inverter Saturation on PV Performance Modeling (3780 downloads) Will HobsSouthern Company
Characterization of Nearly Transparent Films for Use in Soiling Experiments (4766 downloads) Joseph WaltersUniversity of Central Florida
Changes in IV characteristics of a PV module with interconnects that are failing during cyclic mechanical loading (5005 downloads) Hubert SeigneurUniversity of Central Florida
Cross-validation of PV Simulation Software (5636 downloads) Anton DriessePV Performance Labs
Sandia-Performance-Model Quality Tests in Sandia Pecos for Near-Real-Time Detection of Anomalies (3673 downloads) Kyumin Lee & James RichardsCFV Solar Test Laboratories
Comparison of TPT and Thermally Conductive Backsheets in PV Modules (4800 downloads) Ashwini PavgiArizona State University
Albedo Data to Facilitate Bifacial PV System Planning (5404 downloads) Bill MarionNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
On-Site Solar Measurements for Bifacial Projects (4918 downloads) Peter JohnsonUL
Sensitivity of Modelled Bifacial PV Module Gain to Albedo Granularity Levels (3682 downloads) Daniel PowellRecurrent Energy
Inventory of PV Performance Modeling Software (4998 downloads) Nick RiedelTechnical University of Denmark
Development of Low-Cost, Crack-Tolerant Metallization Using Screen Printing (4823 downloads) Andre ChavezOsazada Energy & UNM

Slide Questions:

2019 PV Systems Symposium Slide Questions (4781 downloads)