2017 PVPMC – Weihai, China

2017 9th PV Performance Modeling Workshop group photo

Weihai, China, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT)

Day 1: Tuesday December 5, 2017

Welcome and Introduction to the 9th PVPMC Workshop (3422 downloads) Joshua Stein, Boris Farnung, and Bruce WangSandia National Laboratories, Fraunhofer ISE, and HIT
Welcome to Harbin Institute of TechnologyProf. Xiaofei XuPresident of Harbin University of Technology at Weihai

0. Keynote Speeches

Chaired by Bruce Wang, HIT

Current PV Status of China and Future Forecast (4402 downloads) Sicheng WangEnergy Research Institute National Development And Reform Commission
PV Energy Modeling: A 10-Year Retrospective (3506 downloads) Ben BourneSunPower Corporation
Simulating and Monitoring Energy Transition – Experiences from Germany (3647 downloads) Harry WirthFraunhofer ISE

1. Solar Resource Data and Forecasting

Chaired by Harry Wirth, Fraunhofer ISE

Modeling Spectral Solar Irradiance for Solar Energy Applications (4503 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNREL
Latest developments in solar irradiance measurement; improving measurement accuracy, improving data availability (4472 downloads) Kees Van der BosHukseflux
Status of development of Solargis weather database for China (3541 downloads) Marcel SuriSolargis
Local and Regional PV Power Forecasting – Combining on-site measurements, satellite data and weather predictions (4622 downloads) Jefferson BorFraunhofer ISE

2. Modeling Software Updates

Chaired by Joshua Stein, Sandia National Laboratories

Precise Design and Modeling of PV System (3575 downloads) Chen WeiSungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd
Novelties and new features in PVsyst (4457 downloads) Bruno WittmerPVsyst SA
PlantPredict: New Features to Improve Prediction Speed & Accuracy (3471 downloads) Kendra PassowFirst Solar
Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM) (3455 downloads) Nicholas DiOrioNREL
Software Assisted Optimization of PV Module Concepts (3437 downloads) Max MittagFraunhofer ISE

3. Modeling Methods and Case Studies (Part 1)

Chaired by Boris Farnung, Fraunhofer ISE

Comparison of modeling methods and tools for bifacial PV performance (5415 downloads) Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories
Simulation of tracking PV installations with PVsyst (3544 downloads) Bruno WittmerPVsyst SA
Modeling methods and tools for bifacial PV+tracker performance (4402 downloads) Shitao WangArctech Solar
Prediction of the solar spectrum for accurate prediction of energy yield of the high performance PV system using multi-junction cells and solar-driven cars (3446 downloads) Kenji ArakiToyota Technology Institute

Day 2: Wednesday December 6, 2017

3. Modeling Methods and Case Studies (Part 2)

Chaired by Jefferson Bor, Fraunhofer ISE

Calculation Models for Land Usage of PV Farms (4442 downloads) Sicheng WangEnergy Research Institute National Development And Reform Commission
Comparison of Uncertainties in Power Plant Modeling and real world data (4386 downloads) Boris FarnungFraunhofer ISE

4. PV Monitoring for Degradation

Chaired by Amy Halloran, Sandia National Laboratories

Rate Of Change Determination Of Real-world Commercial PV Power Plants using Data-driven Modeling (3417 downloads) Roger H. FrenchCase Western Reserve University
Comparison of different wafer based bifacial and monofacial module technologies at different sites (4278 downloads) Andre RichterMeyer Berger
Innovative Surveying Method and Monitoring Platform at Aerospec (5275 downloads) Ma XiaoruiAerospec Technologies
Hierarchical Context-Aware Anomaly Diagnosis in Large-Scale PV Systems Using SCADA Data (4385 downloads) Dahai KangConcord New Energy Group Limited

5. New PV Technologies

Chaired by Shitao Wang, HIT

Bridging scientific research and industry: Research progress on industrial crystalline silicon solar cells at SJTU (4402 downloads) Wenzhong ShenShanghai Jiao Tong University
CIGS module performance and modeling (4266 downloads) Bruce KingSandia National Laboratories
Degradation Science of PERC Technology: Mechanistic Investigation with Advanced Characterization (4358 downloads) Jennifer BraidCase Western Reserve University

6. Grid Integration of PV

Chaired by Shitao Wang, HIT

Safety Issue on Large Scale PV Integration and Corresponding Measure (3447 downloads) Junjun ZhangChina Electric Power Research Institute
Study on impact of distributed grid-connected PV system on distribution network (3408 downloads) Da LiCSG Energy Co
Innovation towards High Penetration of RE: Strategies, Trends, and Exertions (4543 downloads) Yibo WangThe Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
"PV+" Energy Storage Microgrid Power Plant Design Analysis (4425 downloads) Xiaoqing DongHeBei Engineering Design Co.Ltd

7. Soiling Studies

Chaired by Bruce King, Sandia National Laboratories

Measuring PV System Soiling Losses (4382 downloads) Bill StueveAtonometrics
Automatic Detection of Soiling Zones and Rates for Optimized PV Plant Cleaning (4440 downloads) Zoe DeFreitasEnvision
Spatio-temporal Model of Backsheet Degradation and Soiling (3363 downloads) Laura BruckMannCase Western Reserve University
Study on the dust properties and application of self-cleaning materials in photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance (3435 downloads) Guixiang YangBeijing Lion Trunk New Material Co., Ltd