2018 PVPMC – Albuquerque – Grid Track

Charlie Gay presenting at the 2018 PV Systems Symposium

Albuquerque, NM

Day 1: Wednesday May 2, 2018

1. Applying IEEE Standard 1547-2018

Applying IEEE Standard 1547-2018 (4150 downloads) Tom KeyEPRI
Smart Inverters and Grid Support Requirements IEEE 1547-2018 (3161 downloads) Aminul HuqueEPRI
Updating the Sandia Islanding Guidelines Document (3157 downloads) Michael RoppNorthern Plains Power Technologies
IEEE Draft Standard P1547.1 Status Update Validating Conformance to IEEE 1547-2018 (4099 downloads) Jesse LeonardClemson University
DER Connection Application and Screening (4127 downloads) Tom KeyEPRI
IEEE Standard 1547™— Communications and Interoperability: New Requirements Mandate Open Communications Interface and Interoperability for Distributed Energy Resources (4384 downloads)
IEEE 1547 – New Interconnection Requirements for Distributed Energy Resources Fact Sheet 1 (4405 downloads)

2. Understanding DERMS – DER Aggregation, Optimization, and Integration

Introduction to DERMS (4121 downloads) Ajit Renjit & Dean WengEPRI
DERMS with IOU-Owned Assets (4199 downloads) Daniel SpaizmanSDG&E
Open Discussion Forum: Understanding DERMS - Applications, Deployment Strategies, Research Needs (4143 downloads)

Day 2: Thursday May 3, 2018  Firming and Shaping Renewables

1. Welcoming Address

Welcoming Address from Charlie Gay (3254 downloads)  Charlie Gay US Department of Energy

2. PV and Storage at the Bulk and Distribution Systems

Pursuing PV + Storage (3126 downloads) Jon HawkinsPNM
Renewable Integration at Tucson Electric Power (3119 downloads) Jeff KraussTucson Electric
XCEL Energy PV+Battery Pilot Projects (3177 downloads) Michelle LimXCEL Energy
Economic dispatch for DC-connected battery systems on large PV plants (5128 downloads) Will HobbsSouthern Company
Solar + Energy Storage Controls (3171 downloads) Ray ByrneSandia National Laboratories

3. Solar + X = Higher Value

Utilizing Energy Storage to Improve Distribution Reliability (3133 downloads) Arindam MaitraEPRI
Energy Resilience for Puerto Rico (4128 downloads) Robert BroderickSandia National Laboratories
Identifying Best Mitigation Options for Higher PV Penetration in New York Distribution Grid (4053 downloads) Huijuan Li EPRI

4. Monitoring and Control with High PV Penetration

Impact of Reactive Power Control Functions on Active Power Generation (4136 downloads) Aminul HuqueEPRI
Parameter and Topology Estimation using Utility AMI Data (3095 downloads) Matthew LaveSandia National Laboratories
Predictive Data Analytics for Enhanced Observability at Grid Edge (3172 downloads) Yingchen ZhangNREL
Optimizing Voltage on Feeders with Distributed PV Using Dynamic Secondary Voltage Controllers (4139 downloads) Rohit MogheVarentec

5. Planning, Operating, and Protecting the System with Advanced Inverters

DRIVE and PowerClerk Interface Tool to Expedite DER Interconnection Screening Process (4129 downloads) Nick HeineEPRI
Fast Grid Frequency Support from Distributed Inverter-based Resources (4141 downloads) Andy HokeNREL
Advanced Inverter Planning: Voltage and Protection (4147 downloads) Matt RenoSandia National Laboratories

Posters (including Performance Track)

Determination of Sandia Thermal Model Coefficients and ΔT for PV Modules with New Backsheet Types (5005 downloads) Jaewon OhASU-PRL
Eliminating Back-of-Module Temperature Sensors for Reference Modules Using Voc Temperature Measurement (4930 downloads) Bill StueveAtonometerics
Fast In-Field Imaging of PV Modules for Crack Detection: Methods, Results, and Modeling Implications (4936 downloads) Will HobbsSouthern Company
Degradation Rate Modeling for Encapsulant Discoloration of Photovoltaic Modules Discoloration (4891 downloads) Archana SinhaASU-PRL
An International PV Collaborative to Advance Multi-climate and Performance Research (4993 downloads) Laurie BurnhamSandia
EU COST Action PEARL-PV: Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data (4840 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
Bifacial Solar Photovoltaic Panel Performance at High Latitudes (4936 downloads) Erin Whitney & Chris PikeUniversity of Alaska, Fairbanks
Towards routine measurement and use of solar spectral irradiance data (4365 downloads) Richard BealSpectrafy Inc.
The Effect of Short-Term Inverter Saturation on PV Performance Modeling (4605 downloads) Jon AllenAllen Analytics
Improved Model of Solar Resource Variability Based on Regional Aggregation by Climate Zone (4841 downloads) Patrick KeelingClean Power Research
Comparison of Bifacial Solar Irradiance Models with Field Validation (4916 downloads) Silvana AyalaUniversity of Arizona
Performance and Prediction: Bifacial vs. Mono-Facial Technologies (4462 downloads) Jaya Mallineni & Chris RauppSolv/Swinerton
Cross-validation of PV Simulation Software (4906 downloads) Anton Driesse and Neel PatelPV Performance Labs
PlantPredict: Incorporating Storage Modeling Capabilities (4341 downloads) Lauren Ngan and Rob van HaarenFirst Solar
Modeling Technique for Reconfigurable PV Module Embedded with CMOS Switches (4896 downloads) Rakeshkumar MahtoCalif State University, Fullerton
Irradiance-induced Ramp Rates in the Low Voltage Distribution Grid (4819 downloads) Kevin MurrayQueen’s University, Belfast
Optimum PV power forecasting modelling based on artificial neural networks (4925 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
EU COST Action PEARL PV: Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluation of large-Scale Monitoring Data; WG5 PV in grids (4789 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
Comparison of Cloud Speed Data for Solar Ramp Rate Analysis (4908 downloads) Braden Gilleland and Will HobbsSouthern Company