2016 PVPMC – Santa Clara – Grid Track

Tuesday May 10, 2016

Welcome and IntroductionSandia and EPRI

Distribution Modeling for Planning and Screening

Solar in PG&E IRP planningTom RussellPG&E
Implementing Hosting Capacity Methods into Existing Planning ToolsJeff SmithEPRI
Rapid QSTS Simulations for high-resolution comprehensive assessment of distributed PVRobert BroderickSandia

Technical and Policy Challenges of High Penetration PV on the Distribution System

IEEE 1547 updateTom KeyEPRI
Technical challenges at high penetration, modeling, and mitigationMichael RoppNorthern Plains Power Technologies
Necessity of Distribution System Monitoring with High Renewable Energy IntegrationHashem MortazaviQuebec University
Arizona Public Service (APS) – Solar Partners ProgramSanket AdhikariAPS
Integrated DER Planning Case Study: Customer Dispersion Analysis and Distribution System ImpactsElizabeth WaldrenBlack & Veatch

Advanced Inverter Functionality (AIF)

Opportunities and Challenges in Using Advanced Inverter FunctionalityRasool AghatehraniNRG
Advanced Inverter Impacts and Methods to Determine Recommended SettingsMatt RylanderEPRI
Advanced Inverter Functions and Control of DERMatt RenoSandia
Lessons learned from PG&E’s Volt Var Optimization Pilot on High Distributed PV Penetration FeedersRustom DessaiPG&E
Advanced Inverter Functionality Requirements Across the U.STom TansySunSpec Alliance
Advanced inverter roll out – The Hawaiian experienceJohn BerdnerEnphase

Solar Variability Impacts to the Distribution System

PV Geographic Smoothing Effect at Feeder, Substation, and System LevelsMichael McCartySolar City
High Frequency Data For Distribution Grid PV Impact Studies: Importance and AvailabilityMatt LaveSandia

Distributed Control and Operation Management with High PV Deployment Levels

Increased penetration of PV in utility distribution systems with the Spirae Wave control platformMohit ChhabraSpirae
PV Inverter Island Detection Evaluation Using Power Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) TechniquesBarry MatherNREL
Enhancing grid stability by deploying advanced inverter controlDean SchoederTrimark Associates