2018 PVPMC – Albuquerque

10th PVPMC Group Picture 2018

Albuquerque, NM

Day 1: Tuesday May 1, 2018

The Disruption of Future PV Developments (1545 downloads) Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

 1. PV Measurements and Standards

Overview of Module Characterization as Inputs to Performance Models (1584 downloads) Jim CrimminsCFV Solar Test Laboratory
Improvements in Module Calibration and Their Impact on World-Wide Intercomparisons (212 downloads) Dean LeviNREL
PV System Analysis For Tracking System Losses and Technology Comparisons (1603 downloads) Bruce KingSandia National Laboratories
Indoor Soil Deposition Chamber: Validation of Anti-Soiling Coating Claims (1496 downloads) Govindasamy TamizhmaniArizona State University
Improvements in CFV’s Outdoor IAM Measurement Method (1609 downloads) Daniel ZirzowCFV Solar Test Laboratory
PAN Files from IEC 61853-1 Test Data: Why Using Datasheet I-V Values is a Bad Idea (1496 downloads) Kyumin LeeCFV Solar Test Laboratory
IEC 61853 Energy Rating of PV Modules - Measurement Methods and Lessons Learned (1578 downloads) Markus SchweigerTÜVRheinland
Test Lab Reports to Support Bankable Energy Estimates (1479 downloads) Peter JohnsonAWS Truepower / UL

2. Solar Resource Assessment for PV

Latest Developments in Solar Irradiance Measurement (1604 downloads) Kees van den BosHukseflux
Advancements in Satellite-Ground Tuning: DNI and DHI (1547 downloads) Patrick Keelin & Julie ChardClean Power Research & GroundWork
Update of the National Solar Radiation Database (1998-2016): Version 3 (1682 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNREL
Calibration Methodology of the University of Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory (1491 downloads) Josh PetersonUniversity of Oregon
Irradiance: What is Your Sensor Really Telling You? (2042 downloads) Anton DriessePV Performance Labs

3. Improving PV Performance

Measuring Maximum Plane-of-Array Irradiance (1609 downloads) Jim AugustynAugustyn & Co./Solar Cat Industries
Advanced Failure Diagnostic Approach for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems (1553 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
LCOE Reduction Through Proactively Optimized PV System Monitoring (1532 downloads) Joe WaltersUniversity of Central Florida
Decreasing PV Module Temperature with Thermally Conductive Backsheets (1591 downloads) Jaewon OhArizona State University

Day 2: Wednesday May 2, 2018

3. PV Performance Models

PV Performance Modeling: A 10-Year Retrospective PVPMC 10 –Albuquerque, NM (1540 downloads) Ben BourneSunPower
Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM) (1594 downloads) Janine FreemanNREL
SolarFarmer (beta version): Accurate Modelling of Real World PV Systems (1674 downloads) Mark MikofskiDNV-GL
Horizontal Axis Trackers with Bifacial Modules in PVsyst (1951 downloads) Bruno WittmerPVsyst
PlantPredict Update & SDK Development for API (1587 downloads) Stephen KaplanFirst Solar
Dynamic Snow Loss Model and Validation (1801 downloads) Defne GunSunPower
Bifacial PV System Performance: Investigation of Shading Conditions (2204 downloads) Amir Asgharzadeh ShishavanUniveristy of Iowa
Using Similar Mathematical Modelling with Both Single Modules IV Curve Measurements and Array Inverter Data (1375 downloads) Steve RansomeGantner/SRCL
Reconciling a Simulation Model with Measurements (1505 downloads) Didier ThevenardCanadian Solar
Lessons Learned from Operational Energy Data to Inform Pre-Construction Estimates (1559 downloads) Peter JohnsonAWS Truepower/UL

4. Open Source Tools for PV Modeling and Monitoring

Accelerating PV Cost Reduction Through an Open-Source Software Ecosystem (1526 downloads) Dana OlsonDOE
Review of Open Source Tools for PV Modeling (1584 downloads) Will HolmgrenUniversity of Arizona
RdTools: An Open Source Python Library for PV Degradation Analysis (1730 downloads) Michael DeceglieNREL
Orange Button 1.0 : An Open Source Data Taxonomy for PV (1498 downloads) Cliff HansenSandia National Laboratories
SAM Open Source Project (1459 downloads) Janine FreemanNRLE
Pecos – Open Source Software for PV System Monitoring (1501 downloads) Katherine KliseSandia National Laboratories
What’s new in PVLib and pvlib-python? (1601 downloads) Cliff HansenSandia National Laboratories


Determination of Sandia Thermal Model Coefficients and ΔT for PV Modules with New Backsheet Types (1536 downloads) Jaewon OhASU-PRL
Eliminating Back-of-Module Temperature Sensors for Reference Modules Using Voc Temperature Measurement (1541 downloads) Bill StueveAtonometerics
Fast In-Field Imaging of PV Modules for Crack Detection: Methods, Results, and Modeling Implications (1583 downloads) Will HobbsSouthern Company
Degradation Rate Modeling for Encapsulant Discoloration of Photovoltaic Modules Discoloration (1496 downloads) Archana SinhaASU-PRL
An International PV Collaborative to Advance Multi-climate and Performance Research (1542 downloads) Laurie BurnhamSandia
EU COST Action PEARL-PV: Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluations of Large-Scale Monitoring Data (1463 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
Bifacial Solar Photovoltaic Panel Performance at High Latitudes (1534 downloads) Erin Whitney & Chris PikeUniversity of Alaska, Fairbanks
Towards routine measurement and use of solar spectral irradiance data (1477 downloads) Richard BealSpectrafy Inc.
The Effect of Short-Term Inverter Saturation on PV Performance Modeling (1703 downloads) Jon AllenAllen Analytics
Improved Model of Solar Resource Variability Based on Regional Aggregation by Climate Zone (1459 downloads) Patrick KeelingClean Power Research
Comparison of Bifacial Solar Irradiance Models with Field Validation (2292 downloads) Silvana AyalaUniversity of Arizona
Performance and Prediction: Bifacial vs. Mono-Facial Technologies (1572 downloads) Jaya Mallineni & Chris RauppSolv/Swinerton
Cross-validation of PV Simulation Software (1713 downloads) Anton Driesse and Neel PatelPV Performance Labs
PlantPredict: Incorporating Storage Modeling Capabilities (1473 downloads) Lauren Ngan and Rob van HaarenFirst Solar
Modeling Technique for Reconfigurable PV Module Embedded with CMOS Switches (1482 downloads) Rakeshkumar MahtoCalif State University, Fullerton
Irradiance-induced Ramp Rates in the Low Voltage Distribution Grid (1471 downloads) Kevin MurrayQueen’s University, Belfast
Optimum PV power forecasting modelling based on artificial neural networks (1538 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
EU COST Action PEARL PV: Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems: Evaluation of large-Scale Monitoring Data; WG5 PV in grids (1446 downloads) Marios TheristisUniversity of Cyprus
Comparison of Cloud Speed Data for Solar Ramp Rate Analysis (1530 downloads) Braden Gilleland and Will HobbsSouthern Company