2020 PVPMC Webinars

August 5, 2020 PVPMC Webinar on PV Performance Modeling Methods

Webinar recording is now available. Note you will need to register so we can track views.

  1. Jennifer Braid (Sandia/CWRU):  Getting More from PV Field Data: Data mining and analysis for module diagnostics (527 downloads) YouTube Video of Talk
  2. Steve Ransome (SRCL): How to use the Loss Factors and Mechanistic Performance Models effectively with PVPMC/PVLIB (2145 downloads)
  3. Branislav Schnierer (Solargis):  Self-shading analysis in PV simulation: Comparison of different software packages (1631 downloads) YouTube Video of Talk
  4. Matthew Prilliman (NREL): Transient weighted moving average model of photovoltaic module back-surface temperature (1343 downloads)

June 24, 2020 PVPMC Webinar on Solar Resource Assessment

  1. Kenneth Morley (GroundWork): In-Situ Comparison of Five Soiling Measurement Systems (1844 downloads)
  2. Patrick Keelin (Clean Power Research): Satellite Irradiance Model Accuracy Improvements: Access to Latest Inputs and >20-year Validation (1558 downloads)
  3. Martín Herrerías Axcué (University of Stuttgart): Towards a Generalized, Fully anisotropic Transposition Model (1526 downloads)
  4. Manajit Sengupta (NREL):  A Status Update on the National Solar Radiation Data Base (NSRDB) (2630 downloads)
  5. Eva Plaza Sanz & Peter Johnson (UL): Multiple Satellite Models for On-Site Long-Term References (1469 downloads)

Thank you to GroundWork Renewables and CFV Labs for co-sponsoring this webinar series.

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