2016 PVPMC – Santa Clara

Monday May 9, 2016

Welcome and Introduction
Welcome and Introduction (3723 downloads)
Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories

Solar Resource Data Sources and Uncertainty

Chaired by Clifford Hansen, Sandia National Laboratories

Importance of Input Data and Uncertainty Associated with Tuning Satellite to Ground Solar IrradiationAdam KankiewiczClean Power Research
Advancements in SolarGIS Global Solar Resource DatabaseArtur SkoczekGeoModel
Serial Correlation in Solar Resource Data and OverconfidenceMark HandschySolar Retina
Smart Solar Field Instrumentation for Development of Site-Specific Irradiance to Power ModelsJoseph CuiffiFlorida Gulf Coast University
Multi-Year Time Series versus TMY for Utility-Scale PV Prospecting Using Historic Market Power ValueJonathan O. AllenAllen Analytics

PV Performance Modeling

Chaired by Aron Dobos, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

The Future of Transposition Models: From Isotropic Approximation to Physics ModelsYu XieNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Effects of Spectrum on CdTe and c-Si PV ModulesMitchell LeeFirst Solar
An Alternative to Air Mass Modifier Models (3677 downloads) Matthew LaveSandia National Laboratories
CIGS Performance Analysis (3666 downloads) Bruce KingSandia National Laboratories

PV Modeling Tools Update

Chaired by Joshua Stein, Sandia National Laboratories

Update on New Features in PVsystBruno WittmerPVSyst
Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM)Aron DobosNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Using SAM to Model Behind-the-Meter Energy StorageNicholas DiOrioNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Design and Development of an Open-Source Simulation Tool for Grid-Connected PV Systems at Canadian SolarDidier ThevenardCanadian Solar
Solar Forecasting Requirements for Ubiquitous SolarTassos GolnasU.S. DOE

Modeling Challenges for Bifacial PV Technologies

Chaired by Daniel Riley, Sandia National Laboratories

Methods and Conditions for Rating Bifacial PV ModulesBill MarionNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Annual Bifacial Energy Yield Best-Fit ModelJose Castillo-AguilellaPrism Solar Technologies
Irradiance Modeling for Bifacial PV (3711 downloads) Clifford HansenSandia National Laboratories

Performance Modeling During Operations

Chaired by Joshua Stein, Sandia National Laboratories

PV System Loss Factor Performance AnalysisStephen VossPanasonic Eco Solutions
Evaluation of Regression-based Models for Production Estimate True Up of Operational ProjectsBoyd ProBlack & Veatch
Using Plane-of-Array Irradiance Data in PV ModelingJanine FreemanNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Open Source Machine Learning Applied to PV Monitoring Applications
Open Source Machine Learning Applied to PV Monitoring Applications (3652 downloads)
Joshua SteinSandia National Laboratories