2024 PVPMC – Salt Lake City

2024 18th PV Performance Modeling Workshop
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Day 1: Tuesday May 7, 2024

1. Complexities in PV Modeling

Tracking Higher Electricity Prices (80 downloads) Adam JensenTechnical University of Denmark
2023 PVPMC Blind Modeling Comparison Update (119 downloads) Lelia DevilleSandia National Laboratories
Modeling hybrid PV/CSP/ES systems for 100% Carbon Free Electricity to Load (60 downloads) Jennifer BraidSandia National Laboratories

2. Site and Design Impacts and Derates

Image of Screenshot-2024-05-13-at-2.19.08-PM
Session 2 Discussion Session
Catlin MattheisFracsun
Energy Impact of Different Solar Tracker Wind Stow Strategies (105 downloads) Kendra ConradArray Technologies
An approach to modeling linear and non-linear self-shading losses with pvlib (74 downloads) Will HobbsSouthern Company
An Updated Modeling Framework for Technology and Market Specific Shading Impacts on Annual Energy Yield (82 downloads) Kiran BalasubramanianMaxeon Solar Technologies
Near Shading Reduction of Diffuse Sky Irradiance and the Impact on PV Plant Performance (80 downloads) Adam KankiewiczOrigis Energy
Image of IMG_2727-4
2024 PVPMC

3. Posters (posters will be added as they are received)

In-situ I-V Enables Measuring Actual Power Losses Due to Soiling (59 downloads) Josh HorstAtonometrics
Subhourly Clipping Correction Model Comparison (74 downloads) Matthew PrillmanNREL
Seesaw Algorithm: Data-Derived Clipping Irradiance Threshold (48 downloads) Taylor HollisHK Analytics
Spectral and Diffuse-Angular Corrections in PVfit (39 downloads) Mark CampanelliIntelligent Measurement Systems LLC
Time Dilated Bundt Cake Analysis of PV Output (73 downloads) Mehmet Giray Ogut (1st Place Award)Stanford University
Shaded Fraction and Backtracking in Single-Axis Trackers on Rolling Terrain (53 downloads) Adam JensenTechnical University of Denmark
Diagnosing PV Performance with Temperature-Corrected PR (54 downloads) Jay MillerBlack & Veatch
Long-Term Shading Impact on Modules Due to Increase in Tree Height Year Over Year Using PVsyst (50 downloads) Stephen JohnBlack & Veatch
Modeling Challenges with Irregular Utility-scale PV Plant Layouts (59 downloads) Shail BajpaiBlack & Veatch
Spectral Correction for Systems with CdTe Modules During the Capacity Test (44 downloads) Bahram EmamiMcCarthy
The National Climate Data Base (NCDB): A Bias-Corrected High-Resolution Climate Dataset (30 downloads) Jaemo YangNREL
Recent Update of ASTM G173 Standard: Downstream Implications and Future Plans (33 downloads) Aron HabteNREL
An Assessment of the Impact of Height Dependent Windspeed on Energy Yield Estimation (38 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNREL
Introducing the Baseline Performance Reference (BPR) for Irradiance in PV System Applications (40 downloads) Aron Habte & Anton Driesse (not attending)NREL & PV Performance Labs
Impacts of Climate Change on Solar PV in Southern Alberta (29 downloads) David SmithWood
Diagnosis of Underperforming PV Plants (52 downloads) David SmithWood
Comparison of PAN File Generation Methods (38 downloads) Daniel ZirzowCFV Labs
Optimal Partitioning Practices For Twin Half-Cut Cell Modules In PVSyst Near Shadings For Different Use Cases (33 downloads) Suveer PanditraoStandard Solar
Spatial Smoothing Reduces PV Clipping! (41 downloads) Tim Townsend (not attending) & Pradeep GaneshbabuSB Energy
Clipping and Curtailment: Impact on Module Temperature and Degradation (39 downloads) M. KimUNSW Sydney
Ultra-High Efficiency Modules: The End of the Single-Diode Model? (31 downloads) Phillip Hamer (3rd Place Award)UNSW Sydney
Image of Screenshot-2024-05-13-at-2.18.04-PM
Mehmet Giray Ögüt and Bennet Meyers (1st place poster awardee)

4. Modeling Snow Effects on PV Systems

Laurie BurnhamSandia National Laboratories
ERA5 vs. NOAA in Calculated Snow Losses for PV (62 downloads) Usgal ZandanbalDNV
Accurate Modeling of Albedo in Winter: Snow is an Ever-Changing Substrate (43 downloads) Daniel RileySandia National Laboratories
Observations Snow Shedding from Single-Axis Tracking PV Systems, Implications for Resource Adequacy (70 downloads) Ana DyresonMichigan Technical University
Norman JostSandia National Laboratories

5. PVPMC Activities

Sandia’s PV Performance Modeling Project Priorities for FY25-27 (57 downloads) Marios TheristisSandia National Laboratories
PV Atlas: charting a course to geographic insights for PV performance modeling (55 downloads) Kevin AndersonSandia National Laboratories
DOE Solar PV Data and Modeling Initiatives (53 downloads) Noreen GentryDOE Solar Energy Technologies Office

Day 2: Wednesday May 8, 2024

6. Underperformance and Analytics for PV Plants

Outcomes of Actual Environment Demonstration of Fault Diagnostic Loss Factors and Trend-Beased Loss Predictive Maintenance for Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Systems (33 downloads) Jürgen SutterlütiGartner Instruments
A Practical Approach to Comparing Actual and Budgeted Production of Solar Sites: Solar Waterfall Analysis (67 downloads) Anjie JiangUnivers
Estimation of Soiling Loss in Utility-Scale PV Plants from Production Data (73 downloads) Karel De Brabandere3E
Evaluating PV Power Plant DC Performance (70 downloads) Jim CrimminsCFV Labs
Advancing Technoeconomic Modeling of Hail Risk and Resilience (80 downloads) Jon Previtali and Bodo LittmannVDE Americas

7. P90 and the Financial Value of Accurate Modelling

P90 and the financial value of accurate modelling (65 downloads) Keith McIntoshPV Lighthouse
Financier’s View on Solar Uncertainty Analysis (121 downloads) Ken ElserWells Fargo
P90 and the Financial Value of Accurate Modeling - Independent Engineer’s Perspective (58 downloads) Mark ReusserICF
P90 Impacts for Long-term Operators (59 downloads) Emily GreenoAvangrid
Accurate Modeling Value to IPP (65 downloads) Armando SolisLightsource BP
Uncertainty in P90 of Energy Yield (54 downloads) Clifford HansenSandia National Laboratories
Image of P90_Panel
P90 and the Financial Value of Accurate Modelling panel discussion

8. Solar Resource Assessment

New Capabilities in the National Solar Radiation Database (NSRDB) (38 downloads) Manajit SenguptaNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Improving Performance Ratio Calculations by Optimizing Front POA Irradiance Sensor Position (67 downloads) Damon NitzelOTT HydroMet
Introducing an Improved SolarAnywhere® Historical Irradiance Product (45 downloads) Marc PerezClean Power Research
How much weather and resource data is enough? (46 downloads) Laura HinkelmanBlack & Veatch
What to Consider for Improved Accuracy and Reduced Uncertainty in Resource Measurement Campaigns (53 downloads) Annalise MillerLuminate LLC
Gap-Filling Ground Measurements of Solar Irradiance (51 downloads) Alex BryanGroundWork Renewables
Image of 20240509_134331
pvlib-python tutorial participants at the 2024 PVPMC workshop

9. Open Source Software and Applications

Solar Data Tools Version 1 Release, Features, Applications, and Future Work (53 downloads) Bennet MeyersSLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
RdTools 3.0 (40 downloads) Michael DeceglieNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
Enterprise wide pvlib Implementation (44 downloads) Ishtiza Azad and Andrew deRussySouthern Company
The “PVLib” of Degradation: PVDEG (44 downloads) Michael KempeNational Renewable Energy Laboratory
A Uniform Taxonomy for PV System Operations and Maintenance Data (47 downloads) Clifford HansenSandia National Laboratories

Day 3: Thursday May 9, 2024

10. Spectral Modeling

Module losses due to cell-level EQE variation (52 downloads) Rajiv DaxiniUniversity of Nottingham
Simple Photovoltaic Spectral Correction Model Based on FARMS-NIT Modeled Spectra (42 downloads) Alan CurranFirst Solar
The Uncertainty in Yield Forecasts Due to the Ever-Changing Solar Spectrum (40 downloads) Keith McIntoshPV Lighthouse

11. Modeling Updates from Industry

Modeling of Advanced Solar Tracking Algorithms with PVcase Yield (74 downloads) Andres CalcabriniPVcase
Updates in the Upcoming PVsyst Versions (78 downloads) Michele OliosiPVsyst SA
Progress and Lessons Learned in the Development of the 3D Energy Yield Calculation Model (51 downloads) Félix Ignacio Pérez CicalaRatedPower
Tackling the Terrain: Custom Tracking Algorithms in Solar PV Plants on Complex Terrain (105 downloads) Javier Lopez-LorenteDNV
Interpolation Strategies for 3D Shading (60 downloads) Kurt RheeTerabase Energy

12. O&M Harmonization

Clifford Hansen and Marios TheristisSandia National Laboratories

Parallel Sessions

pvlib python: Updates and Users Group Meeting (45 downloads) Kevin Anderson & Adam JensenSandia & DTU
Recent and Planned Improvements to the System Advisor Model (SAM) (33 downloads) Brian Mirletz & Matthew PrillimanNREL
pvcaptest Training Session (48 downloads) Ben TaylorTailored Data Consulting
Getting Started with PVfit (41 downloads) Mark CampanelliIntelligent Measurement Systems LLC