PV Lifetime Modules

PV Lifetime Modules Under Test

SiteManufacturerModelCell Technology# of modulesInstallation DateStatus
NMTrina SolarTSM-PD05.08 260Wpoly-Si48June 2016
NMJinko SolarJKM260P-60 260 Wpoly-Si48June 2016
NMCanadian SolarCS6K-270P 270Wpoly-Si48October 2017
NMCanadian SolarCS6K-275M 275Wmono-Si48October 2017
NNHanwha Q-CellsQ.Plus BFR-G4.1 280Wpoly-Si PERC48October 2017
NMHanwha Q-CellsQ.Peak BLK G4.1 300Wmono-Si PERC48October 2017
NMPanasonicVBHN325SA16HIT Mono48June 2018
NMLGLG320N1K-A5 320W LG NeON2N-PERT Si48June 2018
NMMission SolarMSE300SQ5Tmono-Si PERC48May 2019
NMItek EnergyIT-360-SE72mono-Si PERC50March 2020
NMSolariaPowerXT-400R-PMmono-Si, shingled24October 2021
NMLGLG400Q1C-A6mono n-type IBC24October 2021
COTrina SolarTSM-PD05.08 260Wpoly-Si56September 2016
COJinko SolarJKM260P-60 260W & 265Wpoly-Si56September 2016
COHanwha Q-CellsQ.Plus BFR-G4.1 280Wpoly-Si PERC28October 2017
COHanwha Q-CellsQ.Peak BLK G4.1 290Wmono-Si PERC28October 2017
COCanadian SolarCS6K-300MS 300Wmono Si PERC28June 2018
COPanasonicN325SA16 325WHIT Mono30June 2018
COLGLG320N1K-A5 320WN-PERT Si28June 2018
COMission SolarMSE360SQ65mono-Si PERC20December 2018
FLTrina SolarTSM-PD05.08 260Wpoly-Si56September 2017
FLJinko SolarJKM260P-60 260 Wpoly-Si56September 2017
Total916 Modules

Module Characterization Reports

IEC 61853-1 Testing done by CFV Solar Test Laboratory in Albuquerque NM in December 2019

Test ReportsPAN Files
Jinko Solar JKM260P-60 Module (4995 downloads) PAN File (Jinko Solar JKM260P-60) (5251 downloads)
Canadian Solar CS6K-270P Module (4378 downloads) PAN File (Canadian Solar CS6K-270P) (4452 downloads)
Canadian Solar CS6K-275M Module (6901 downloads) PAN File (Canadian Solar CS6K-275M) (4442 downloads)
Hanwha Q CELLS Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 280 Module (4228 downloads) PAN File (Hanwha Q Cells Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 280) (4200 downloads)
Hanwha Q CELLS Q.Peak-G4.1 300 Module (4206 downloads) PAN File (Hanwha Q Cells Q.PEAK G4.1 300) (4217 downloads)
Panasonic VBHN325SA 16 Module (5731 downloads) PAN File (Panasonic VBHN325SA 16) (4359 downloads)
LG LG320N1K-A5 Module (5707 downloads) PAN File (LG LG320N1K-A5) (5712 downloads)
Mission Solar MSE300SQ5T Module (4141 downloads) PAN File (Mission Solar MSE300SQ5T) (4213 downloads)
Itek Energy IT-360-SE72 Module (4249 downloads) PAN File (Itek Energy IT-360-SE72) (4240 downloads)
IEC-61853-1 Matrix Data for Nine PV Modules (6241 downloads)

IEC 61853-2 Testing done by CFV Solar Test Laboratory in Albuquerque NM in December 2020

Test Reports
IAM+NMOT Test Report - Jinko JKM260P-60 (4234 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - Canadian Solar CS6K-270P (4087 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - Canadian Solar CS6K-275M (4228 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - QCELLS Q.PLUS BFR-G4.1 280 (4065 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - QCELLS Q.Peak-G4.1 300 (4036 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - Panasonic VBHN325SA 16 (4231 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - LG LG320N1K-A5 (5669 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - Mission Solar Energy MSE300SQ5T (4037 downloads)
IAM+NMOT Test Report - itek Energy IT-360-SE72 (4067 downloads)

IEA PVPS Dataset

Data from Annex 1 of the IEA PVPS Task 13 report entitled: [Download not found]  can be found here: DATA LINK