2012 Bifacial PV Workshop Konstanz

Monday April 23, 2012

1. Opening

Welcome to multifacial city of KonstanzMayor Kurt WernerCity of Konstanz
Introduction Thomas Nordmann

2. Devices

Bifacial silicon solar cells – an overviewStefan Glunz and Andres CuevasFhG-ISE and ANU
Bifacial solar cells: design principle and last achievements in industrial productionLev KreininbSolar
Bifacial Si solar cells for space applications fabricated using combined ion implantation thermal diffusion technologyGalina GrigorievaKVANT Research and Production Enterprise
Bifacial crystalline silicon solar cellsValentin MihailetchiISC Konstanz
 Processing of bifacial silicon solar cells Arthur Weeber ECN
Overview of several bifacial solar cells technologies developed at INESYannick VeschettiINES
Add-on laser processes for bifacial solar cellsPatrick LillIPV (Uni Stuttgart)
Industrial production of high efficiency and high bifaciality solar cellsNaoki IshikawaPVGS

3. Measurements

Characterization issues for bifacial technologiesRon SintonSinton Instruments
Characterisation of bifacial solar cellsJochen Hohl-EbingerFhG-ISE
Challenges occurring during the electrical characterisation of bifacial solar cellsStefanie RiegelUniversity of Konstanz
Flasher setup for bifacial solar cellsAlexander EdlerISC Konstanz
IV characterization of solar cells under bifacial illuminationHannes Deuserneonsee
Characterisation of bifacial devicesTeun BurgersECN
Discussion Questions

Tuesday April 24, 2012

4. Modules and Systems

Chances and challenges during introduction of new products in the photovoltaic marketWinfried HoffmannApplied Solar Expertise
PV integration into the grid – cost of storage Franz Baumgartner ZHAW
Bifacial modules – promises and challenges Paul Grunowpi Berlin
Outdoor bifacial module characterization: power, energy generation and gain Naftali EisenbergbSolar
Importance of precise sorting of bifacial solar cells for optimal bifacial module performanceUfuk YusufogluIHT Aachen
Indoor and outdoor IV characterization of bifacial modulesBruno SoriaINES
Pilot production of bifacial solar modulesJianhua ZhaoChina Sunergy
Multi bifacial solar cells in comparison with bifacial mono cells and modulesAndrey Sitnikov3D Solar AG and Solar Wind Ltd
Increased energy yield for Boschs n-typ solar cells in bifacial applicationJan LossenBOSCH Solar Energy AG
Enhanced bifacial solar modules for next generation applicationsRandy StewartPrism Solar Technologies
Discussion Questions