2015 Bifacial PV Workshop Antofagasta

Bifacial Photovoltaics Implemented in the Solar Platform of the Atacama Desert

Antofagasta, Chile

January 14, 2015

Solar platform of the Atacama Desert (PSDA)Mg. Diego PulidoU. Antofagasta
Solar resource and radiometry tasks in AntofagastaDr. Aitor MarzoU. Antofagasta
Field performance analysis of PV systemsDr. Pablo Ferrada, Francisco ArayaU. Antofagasta
Modelling monofacial and bifacial solar modulesDr. Christian RojasUTFSM
Development of Large Scale Solar Energy in Northern Chile: Opportunities, Challenges, BarriersProf. Roberto RománU. Chile
Large scale PV projects in ChileMr. Rodrigo VásquezGIZ
Chilean great northern grid – Energy landscapeProf. Marcelo CortésU. Antofagasta
RedconMr. José Tapia Redcon

January 15, 2015

Bifaciality: One small step for technology, one giant leap for the cost reductionDr. Radovan KopecekISC-Konstanz
Progress on the SolarChilD project. Examples from Europe and EgyptDr. Enrique CabreraISC-Konstanz
Minimization of electrical losses of PV modules located in places with high solar irradianceMr. Jorge RabanalISC-Konstanz
An overview on crystalline silicon solar cell module defectsDr. Andreas SchneiderISC-Konstanz
New opportunities of grid integration by the use of bifacial modulesDr. Hartmut NussbaumerU. of Winterthur
Need for standardization of bifacial measurementsDr. Alexander EdlerH.A.L.M
NICE concept for bifacial technologyDr. Roland EinhausApollon Solar
Discussion for future collaboration, PV plants in Chile, Fabrication in ChileDr. Radovan Kopecek, Prof. Rodrigo Palma ISC-Konstanz/U. Chile